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Change Your Movie, Change Your Life will empower you in a fresh new way to take control of your life. You have a voice and you have a choice! Imagine you are the creative writer, director, producer and leading star in the hit movie of your own life.

The 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change within these pages will entertain, educate and inspire you to courageously create the most purposeful, peaceful and positive life you have dreamed of living, and always deserved.

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What People are Saying

"A refreshing new take on changing your life."
Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Author of The Big Leap
"Keep believing and refer to this book time and time again."
Sandra Dee Robinson
Actress, Coach, Speaker, Author, Founder of Charisma on Camera
"I found this book profoundly deep, yet entertaining."
Emmanuel Dagher
Spiritual Teacher, Author, Speaker
"I found this book to be a refreshing way to compare our life's journey to that of a movie."
Peggy McColl
New York Times Bestselling Author
"Authentic, empowered, and original voice. Bravo!"
Melanie A. Greenberg, Ph.D
Writer of The Mindful Self-Express blog on Psychology Today
"These 7 Reel Concepts for Courageous Change inspire the human spirit."
David Riklan
Founder - SelfGrowth.com, the # 1 Self Improvement Site on the Internet
"You will laugh, cry, hope and move forward to honor your past, present and future."
Wayne Scot Lukas
Celebrity Stylist and TV Show Host
"I love this book! Get it, read it, enjoy it, you're worth it!"
Deb Scott
BA, CPC , Best-Selling Author: Award Winning Radio Host: The Best People We Know Show
"I highly recommend you put Change Your Movie,
Change Your Life on your must read list!"
Margaux Joy DeNador
Coach • Author • Radio Host